If you are looking for a community that pursues the presence of God, where you will be challenged to live Christianity to the fullest and build authentic relationships, we encourage you to join us this Sunday. Read through our beliefs, vision, and staff pages to discover who we are. Take a look at the "Connect" page to see how you can get plugged in. For a snapshot of our teachings, listen to a podcast. If you would like more information about the distinctives of Boulder Street Church, give us a call or email us and we would be glad to answer any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!


              In Him,

              Joseph Winger

              Senior Pastor



In the early 1900s several Presbyterian believers wanted to build a new church to reach people who lived east of downtown Colorado Springs.  Some Presbyterian churches then joined together to contribute the funds to construct this distinguished building on Boulder Street.  In 1903, the original congregation moved in.  Our building housed Presbyterian congregations for many years before becoming People’s United Methodist Church.  In 2003, the congregation relocated and the property was put up for sale.

That year, Ted Haggard, former pastor of New Life Church, drove past the historic building and saw that it was for sale.  He later found out that a potential buyer was considering the building for a rock climbing gym.  He knew that godly saints had given sacrificially for the purchase, construction and upkeep of the property for more than 100 years to serve Jesus. This was clearly Kingdom property.  He quickly began casting a vision to keep this property Kingdom real estate and plant a vibrant downtown church.  People from New Life Church joyfully and sacrificially gave the funds to purchase the property and to make considerable renovations.

Marcus Haggard stepped into the senior pastor role of this New Life Church plant.  He led the church from September 2004 to the end 2007.  In the beginning of 2008, Marcus launched into a new direction to pursue doctoral studies.  At that point, Pastor Brady Boyd, the new senior pastor of New Life Church, appointed Joseph Winger, a New Life Church staff pastor, to lead the Boulder Street Church (BSC) community.


Then, in early 2009, Pastor Boyd and the New Life Church elders graciously transferred ownership of the property to BSC and helped launch the community into a separate, independent church. BSC is forever grateful for the generosity and sacrifice of the elders and people of New Life Church.


Joseph Winger continues as the senior leader of BSC and serves with a team of elders.


Boulder Street Church is an interdenominational, independent church. “Interdenominational” refers to belief in the basic core tenets of the historical Christian faith (evidenced by our adherence to the Nicene Creed).


We are affiliated with New Life Church and honor them for their sacrificial generosity and wise help in launching us into our own community.  


Alemu and Genet Beeftu of Gospel of Glory serve BSC with their apostolic grace.


Jack and Terri Brown of The Table serve BSC with their prophetic grace.


BSC connects with The Table, Revolution Church and other local ministries in serving our city with prayer initiatives. 


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